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Breaking In

All breaking in is done by Jamie Bayliss who has broken in thousands of horses both for the racing industry and those destined for equestrian pursuits. His horsemanship ensures horses know what is expected of them from Day 1. All breakers have a great exposure to many different environments once they progress out of the round yard, which includes arena work (schooling), hacking out, exposure to work over ground poles, loading on floats/trucks, learning to go into the barriers, jumping out of barriers, and exercising around the racecourse. Daily fee $85/day, plus GST.

Pre Training

Pre Trainers are always welcome at Equus. Pre Trainers thrive in our relaxed environment which includes a variety of work to ensure their fitness and conditioning prior to commencing race training.  We can pre-train up to and including jumping out or trialling, depending on the individual needs of the horse &/or trainer. Daily fee $85/day, plus GST.

Racehorse Training

Based out of the Pakenham racecourse, we also spend a great deal of time working racehorses through the hills in the Bunyip State Forest.  Our routine with racehorses encompasses the horses doing different activities all the time which includes activities like swimming, hill work in the forest, arena work (schooling), lungeing, road work, track work and even some jumping which ensures they don't get bored!  We also try to make sure every racehorse has some paddock time every day, so they can simply be a horse. Daily fee $85/day, plus GST.

Retraining / Schooling

Having problems with your horse?  We can help with retraining / schooling of your horse to eradicate behavioural problems, or simply increase their education.  If you have a horse that hasn't been ridden in a long time, we can also help with putting your horse back into work or tailoring a program to meet the needs of you and your horse. Please contact us for daily fees.

Thoroughbred Agistment / Spelling

When your racehorse needs a break from the rigours of racing....let them have a horsey holiday with us. Super relaxed environment with safe Horserail fencing to ensure your horse returns refreshed and ready to race again. Daily fees $23/day, plus GST.

Riding Lessons

If you would like to learn to ride, or improve your skills - we can help!  We offer coaching in:

1) Olympic disciplines (Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing);

2) Horsemanship;

3) Confidence building.


Our philosophy in teaching revolves around the horse's natural instincts, including:

1) being a herd animal and the horses innate need for a herd leader (that becomes you); &

2) the fight or flight response.


Our teaching methods include:

1) discipline and reward;

2) consistency; &

3) the 3 second rule.

You can learn to ride at any age - it is never to late to learn new skills!  You can bring your own horse, or ride one of ours. Lyn is a qualified Equestrian Australia Level 1 Coach.